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Parents invite proposal for their daughter, age 30, born and raised in U.S. She loves the Lord and has great regard for family. She has a BBA in Finance & Accounting from a leading University and is employed as a corporate executive.  We are seeking a Godly, educated and qualified young man settled in USA. Please reply to: with detail & photos. 

Born-again Knanaya parents invite proposal 27 years old, fair 5'2" PharmD working at the reputable hospital. She is a strong believer, family oriented..seeking professionally qualified and suitable match. If interested Please call for further details 267-251-7252.

Christian parents from Kerala settled in Chicago area is seeking proposals for their daughter. She is a Cardiologist (MD) trained in USA, 34 yrs, fair, 5'3", 110 lbs and is working in a prominent teaching hospital in Chicago. She has the highest religious, moral and personal character values. We are looking alliance from professionally qualified, compatible matches of strong Christian background. Please contact via email or may call (219) 614-3133 between the hours of 5-10 pm.

Pentecostal parents who reside in the U.S. invite proposals for their daughter. She is 5'4, 25 years of age, with a Bachelor's in Finance. She works at a prominent software company as an Account Manager. She is God fearing and very involved in her father's church. Seeking spirit-filled grooms from U.S./Canada. Please send bio and pictures to email: Phone: 954-599-5472

Pentecostal family settled in Houston, Texas, invites proposal for their born again and baptized daughter aged 28 years, height 172 cm and completed Bachelor in Medical Radiologic Technology (BSC MRT) from AIMS, Kochi and six years job experience from Apollo Hospital Chennai, presently in Houston on visiting VISA.  Parents of born again, baptized & God fearing Pentecostal boys, if interested, may respond to with a picture. Contact Phone nos. 832-479-9833 / 832-866-0689.

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